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 Everything regarding Aeria Points from, buying, scams

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PostSubject: Everything regarding Aeria Points from, buying, scams   Sat Jul 23, 2011 10:23 am

1. What is AP?

I: Ap = Aeria Points

1.Aeria Points is the item mall currency used in all games hosted by Aeria Games.

II: How to purchase AP?

Simple You can purchase AP via or Gaming Cards

III:Where can I get the Game Cards from?

Simple, via 7Eleven if they still sell them, Gaming shops, and Walmart, Target, KMart, etc..

IV. What can you do with AP cards if you don't want anything from the item mall?

You can sell them to other players with in game currency, which is what many people do, however, I do not recommend this method since, you can easily get scammed. If you do try to get AP with his method be sure to have a middle man, such as a trusty friend, or your Gaming Community volunteer.(AKA Game Sage.)

For the list of current Game masters, Product managers, and game sages click this link.

For more info on trading in game currency for AP please click.--


2.How to get free AP?

I: How to get free AP?

To get free AP there is Only one method. This method is the offers section of aeriagames. Which will provide a good selection of methods that, you can take to get free AP or, some extra AP with purchases.

II: I am on the offers section but, some of the offers require me to buy stuff.

Well not all the offers require you to buy something. There is some video offers that, all you have to do is watch the video and, you can get Aeria points! Also there is some surveys you can take that will give you free AP, when you finish it. As well as some things where they want you to test a new product such as, search engines. (Please keep in mind you have to finish the offer and do what the offers require, in order to get the free AP.


3: The above are to complicated to get free AP?

I: Methods to get free AP are to complicated.

Well true, complicated or not, this is THE ONLY SAFE WAY TO GET Aeria Points, as well as THE ONLY WAY! After all nothing is truly without a price.[/b]

II: Some one told me I can get free Aeria points from another website not listed in Aeria Games.

Chances are 99.83% that it's a scam. How the scam works is pretty simple. Which is, they put you under the impression that there is another method to get free Aeria Points. Truth is, there isn't. When you go on these sites, chances are the site will be a Phishing Site.

III(.) What is a Phishing site?

A phishing site, is a site used to gain information. In order, to monitor the user who is visiting the site to record everything from, Keyboard strokes, basic info, and anything else you do on that site they can see! These sites can often send virus' and trojan's into your computer to monitor literally everything you do on your computer.(This does include User names, credit card numbers, and Passwords.) So with this being said, DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD TO ANYONE AT ALL, OR ANY OTHER SITES. With this being said I will quote GMDLO.

GMDLO QUOTE REGARDING warning of scamming and phishers.

GMDLO wrote:
We here at Aeria do not need any information from a user in order to gain access to their account.


Even asking for another player's ID and pass in game or in a private message is a permanently bannable offense.

Report the people who ask whether it be in game or in private messages, make sure to send in an image for proof.

Some examples of scams are phishing sites, they will promise free AP and say fill out a survey and get free AP every month! THIS IS A LIE.

Others will simply just ask your for your account and password promising to charge your account with AP. THIS IS A LIE

Once Again:





4. There is someone who claims they are a GM( GAME MASTER), GS(GAME SAGE), or PM(Product Manager).

I: A GM( GAME MASTER), GS(GAME SAGE), or PM(Product Manager) has asked me for my account info In game/public forum.

GM's, and PM's will never ask for your account information. They already know it.. GS's however, they are normal players just like us! So, if you ever see a GS asking for your account info or someone elses, you probably should report him/her.

II: How can I tell if the GM, and PM are the real deal?

Well via forums, it is easy to figure this out. They will have a distinct title below their account name, when in a thread, and they will also have it beside their shout box name as well, when in shout box.

In game, Best method to tell if it is a GM, is to see if their orgin digits at end of their name is ??? EXAMPLE: Vert.???

III: How can I report someone who is trying to impersonate the GM, PM or GS/ or to report a GM, PM, or GS asking for yours or some one elses account info?

To report these sort of issues, such as Impersonation, scamming, etc... you can use under Report behaviour section for Dynasty Warriors.

To help get rid of the individual/s, assuming you have proof, and they are doing a BIG, NO, NO. You need to, provide as much information as possible on the suspect and the situation such as, when it happened, screen shots of the individual, chat logs, video/recording, and in word. You can also use this to report someone who is breaking the ToS, especially cases like Someone trying to trick an individual, by saying they can get Free AP by doing so, so, and so.


5: How do I get a screen shot, video, and the chat log?

I: How to access the screen shots and chat logs in your computer.

This is easy. You can take screen shots by pressing the "prt sc button". To access your screen shots and chat log you will.
1st. Press Start/windows-
2nd. Go to Documents.-
3rd. Go to Aeriagames-
4th. Click screen shots to access screen shots./chat logs to access chat logs
*You can also do this to access your chat logs

From there you can manually see all the screen shots you have taken.

II: How can I post my pictures so AGE staff can see them?

Well you need to use a photo upload site. The best site I have found, virus free is, This site is FREE. From there, just make an account, then once that is done go back to the site and go to upload and then perform these steps from 1-6.

step 1. Go to upload in Photobucket once you are logged in on that site.
step 2. Go to Documents.-
step 3. Go to Aeriagames-
step 4. Click screen shots to access screen shots.
step 5. Click the screen shot you wish to upload
step 6. Once screen shot has been uploaded, get the IMG code which will be listed under the image.
step 7. Copy the code: So, highlight the entire code, press ctrl + V
step 8. In the Report you are making where it says proof of offense, you will then press ctrl + C to paste the image code.

And there you go. Now when you finish the report the GM's can see your picture proof.

III: How to provide the chat logs for the report.

You can use a site called [url][/b] this site will allow you to upload files from your computer to share them with everyone. So again follow these steps.

step 1. Make a account on
step 2. Go to your main profile and select upload.
step 3. Go to documents.
step 4. select Aeriagames.
step 5. Select chat log.
step 6. Select the chat log which contains the needed information to make the report.
step 7. Wait for the file to be uploaded.
step 8. Once uploaded, wait a few seconds and an auto matic web link will be provided which will allow the game masters to see the chat logs.
step 9. Copy and paste the link and put it into the proof of offense section of the report.(So highlight the link provided that pops up after you upload the chatlog, then press ctrl + v, to copy it, then press Ctrl + C to paste onto the proof of offense section.)

And there you have it, you can now put the chatlog, and screen shots in the reports so that, you can send it over to your report using this method!

6. Bought AP or AP items and, did not receive them?

Create a ticket Here

If you got some more info I may be missing that can help, please feel free to note it.

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PostSubject: Re: Everything regarding Aeria Points from, buying, scams   Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:39 am

As normal your on the ball Fearless king


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PostSubject: Re: Everything regarding Aeria Points from, buying, scams   Sat Jul 23, 2011 2:11 pm

nice and very detailed post, it will be usefull for ppl who wants free AP ^^ like ... i prefer dont say HER name ( fear must know who is it ^^), ty for that post guys
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PostSubject: Re: Everything regarding Aeria Points from, buying, scams   

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Everything regarding Aeria Points from, buying, scams
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