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 Starting Events and weekend ShowDown/Campign Groups

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Guild Leader/ Website Founder

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PostSubject: Starting Events and weekend ShowDown/Campign Groups   Sat Jul 16, 2011 1:41 pm

ok guys i need everyone to reply to this post we need participation to make this work and it wont happen unless we all put a lil work and effort into it, im referring more towards the mock training/tournaments and whatnot, weather or no people wil actually participate in them, and what everyone thinks, please don't be shy all comments are welcome, and encouraged

to get a better idea of what im talking about read thru the discussion out officers had.

Fearless wrote:
hey guys

i hate this thing.... whats it called... thoght... no thought! Very Happy

lol ne way, was thinking now that we got vent info up, and a reason for people to post it up, and almost better then half the guild active, as zuo told me the other day not long now ^^, he could also help Very Happy, but i had a few thoughts that would boost moral, and activity, as well as help promote this latest "event". once we decide on what it is we wanna do, and how, or as many possibility's, we can open this discussion up to the rest of the members to discuss and mutually decide on what events where when and how, we can start actually running events such as in guild tournaments, as well as practice or training by the higher levels ext. i know adrastos had a great idea a while back about this, i have one or two, and zuo, im sure your mind will start ticking when you read this, and would love some ideas from you.

once we're ready, we can set up some posts, (First one ill be posting after this ill get into that reason further down) and we can get a feel for what people want to do, and weather they will participate in the first place, ext. Adrastos' idea a while back was great, and got me thinking. he suggested that we hold a mock tournament of sorts, and use low level weapons, and no upgrades, good training for all, and alot of fun in the process, this is an activity we can set up and try doing on a reg basis to keep the guild active and Fun, the key in that being fun Razz

secondly, i was thinking of trying to set up, Campaign groups, or SD groups, during the weekends, simply watch for the showdowns or camp's, and post a thread up, each time soon as it comes up on dwo forums (i watch like a hawk so ill see them) post it up, and have people sign up, get the party(s) going and group the people, Vent up, And have a Blast! meanwhile gaining loads of honer Guild rep/results growing closer as a guild and ultimately liven the mood. as well with all this new posting people will win stuff faster ^^d

sorry for making you read a book, but there it is, lets discuss this thru before talking with the members so we know where we stand, also with such an internationally selected group it will be hard to match times, and may take a while to decide on what times when and who as we go, simply have the Adrastos, myself and all other assassins run them, and at sepreat times if needed so everyone has a chance to join in when they can. so lemme know what you think, please add ideas if you have some ^^

Eyam Goolah wrote:
As I told Adrastos, I think the mock battles for practice are an amazing idea! It really will help with pvp situations moving forward. I agree with you fear as it is important to create that "guildship" if you may and that will only happen with us playing more and more.

Sign up sheets are always a good idea as people are less likely to miss commitments but we understand that not all of them will be met. This doesn't have to just be for SDs or Campaigns or even mock battles. Right now I have problems getting a group together for multiperson quests so it could be a sign up for that. Like post which quest and how many ppl needed and the times you are available. Guildies sign up telling you either they will join at a certain time or take the quest on themselves and have multiple ppl questing at the same time.

As far as the vent goes, I am currently not equipped for that but am working on it. It will certainly add to the community feel however by no means should be mandatory.

The book wasn't too bad of a read fear :-P I'll write as more comes to mind

ZuoTao wrote:
well bro the ideas of the tournies and the cp/sd is very beneficial to giuld moral and goo's listing of sign up sheets is a good idea so i think we set up a schedule maybe ill work on a schedule post so we can get a good grasp on wen ppl r most active and we can work with that like find a way to use the forums calendar for more than birthdays u know what i mean we should be able to schedule things by it maybe fearless u can look into making the calender to set up match times n dates for the mock battels and things like that not sure if you can make it postable or knot just a idea u know lol this my input for now ill think more on it

Fearless wrote:
the calendar already works like that any assassin can make a post on the website, and when they do they have the option at the bottom to post a date or "Event" on the calendar that goes with that event, so when we make the sign up sheets we can posts the dates on the calendar so people can look and be reminded

also once we get going on this we can set up a system where anyone who shows up to the events gets 5-10 free points ^^ allowing you to get them while playing as well.

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PostSubject: Re: Starting Events and weekend ShowDown/Campign Groups   Sat Jul 16, 2011 5:03 pm

thats a good idea i think

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PostSubject: Re: Starting Events and weekend ShowDown/Campign Groups   Fri Jul 22, 2011 3:58 pm

thats sounds good, you mean you ll checking our IG activity in the guild to add reward point for the foum, i think that good cause ppl will be more during SD and other event i agree with you fear, as there are too many to read on this yellow ( yuan shao )page
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PostSubject: Re: Starting Events and weekend ShowDown/Campign Groups   

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Starting Events and weekend ShowDown/Campign Groups
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